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Robin Scofield’s Publications


“Meeting of East & West” BorderSenses, Summer 2010.

Three poems from Sunflower Cantos, Unlikely Stories, May 2010.

“Four Winds in Space & Time,” Mezcla, Tumblewords Anthology.

“Pruning.”  BorderSenses, Fall 2005.

“Epistle to Rilke’s Angel.” Paris Review, Fall 2002, #163.

“Ghazal for a Season or Two.”  Rio Grande Review, Spring 2002.

“Crossing Over.”  Border Senses.  Spring 2002.

“Death of a Friendship.” Border Senses.  Fall 2001.

“The Law of Zero.”  Western Humanities Review.  Fall 2001.

The Old Sorceress.”  Western Humanities Review.

“Three Paintings by Monet.”  Western Humanities Review.

“From Kafka’s Cookbook.”  Poetry Motel.

“Legacy.”  ONTHEBUS, Spring 2001.

“Driving Through Texas.”  The Temple.  Spring 2001.

 “Descendant of Huldah, River Jordan, 26 A.D.”  Theology Today.  Oct.  2000.

“Home Chemistry.”  Chiron Review.  Summer 2000.

“Blue Norther, North Texas.”  Rio Grande Review.  Spring 2000.

“Night Critters.”  The Lucid Stone.”  Spring 2000.

“To All the Robins in the Springtime,” Whole Notes, Spring 2000.

“Sonnet, for a Father and Daughter,” Sin Fronteras #4, 1999.

“Myth for a Miscarriage” and “Triple Digits.”  Texas Observer. Oct. 1, 1999.

“Mallarme in his Boat at Valvins,” Western Humanities Review.  Summer 1999.

“Texas Fall,” Sin Fronteras #3, 1999.

 “The Foolish Virgins, Having Gone to Dillard’s” and “Scrubbing My Angel,” Theology Today, Oct. 1998.

“The Crossing,” Voces Fronterizas: Border Voices Festival Anthology, Nov. 1996. 

“Again He Began to Teach by the Sea,” Theology Today, October 1995.

“White Knight, Knave of Hearts” & “Occasion of an Unopened Bloom,” Western Humanities Review,  Winter 1993.

“Harvest of the Autumn Phrase” & “Toward the Lake Where We Can See Deer,” Rio Grande Review, Fall 1994.

"The Crossing," Shenandoah, Fall 1987.

“The Treasure” and “The Queen With Regrets,” Analecta, Spring 1986; “Exodus,” Analecta, 1981;

“Restaurant Scene,” Analecta, Spring 1979.

“Entropy Harmony,” Cedar Rock, Fall 1979.










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